Designing a Book Cover

Old cover idea

Old cover idea

I used to think it was a simple matter to come up with a book cover, but I have found it can be a real challenge.

To the left is the cover I thought would work for my G.I. Joe’s story, until I realized the story really focused on my dad and not me, so his photo should be there instead.  Then, an expert told me that my subtitle didn’t work!  Next, will it be the color scheme that should be different?

Still, the cover design is fun to work on…I will just do the best I can, and THAT IS THAT!  As part of my learning in this book endeavor, I am realizing nobody is going to agree on everything and Nike’s slogan at this time makes a lot of sense…

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1 Response to Designing a Book Cover

  1. Art and Lynne says:

    Hi Janna. Thanks for including us in your “book making” adventure. Keep us posted on your progress. We would love to read the final version.

    Best wishes,
    Art and Lynne Steele

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