Jumping Into the River of Life to Write this History

When I was growing up, I took for granted how things were, including the times and the places my family lived.  As I grew older, the timeline before my birth became somewhat known, more by personal dates, like my mother was born in this year my father was born in that year.  But, history classes in high school and college focused so much on pre-20th century happenings, and so I didn’t get much of a historical framework in which to fit my life.

Researching and writing this book has given me a whole new view of history, first from a family view and then much larger.  What a gift!  Now, it feels like my being born was similar to jumping into a river of life that was already flowing, instead of just starting with my birth!

And, no…I don’t think I am self-centered.  I just think that we start with our own memories and then build on them.  What do you think?

Photo is of me getting a new bike in 1952 and, from the photo, it looks like it is a gift from my granddad, Roydon Orkney.  Dad is in the background, wearing his khakis, and smoking his omnipresent cigarette from those years.

Photo from my collection, taken by my mom, Charmian Orkney.

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1 Response to Jumping Into the River of Life to Write this History

  1. wendy macdonald says:

    Janna, As life comes full circle I am with you…we want to leave a good legacy. The river that is strong with all it’s twists and turns, flows to the sea where legacies join. You are part of a roaring river.
    Thank you for sharing part of Portland history that not only takes me back to shopping at GI Joes but takes me back to recalling my own precious history.
    Feeling reminiscent and joyful about my family and friends.
    Thank you.

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