Book Nearing Completion


I am saying (with my fingers crossed) that the writing part of the book is almost wrapped up!  I have added so much more material, however, that I want a quick copy edit again, before moving on to book design, publishing and promotion.

Hopefully, Growing Up with G.I. Joe’s  is about 6 months out from being in stores, and I am saying that also with my fingers crossed!

FYI, I am now polishing a chapter on merchandise that was sold at G.I. Joe’s over the years, with a lot of help from my brother, David.  For instance, can you believe that foam rubber and upholstery fabric offered for sale in the late 1960s?  That happened in Store 3 at the North Portland location.

The photo is of Store 2 in the same time period, and is from the David Orkney Collection.


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