Tom Lasley, Partner in G.I. Joe’s Box Office, Dies

I was sad to learn of the passing of Tom Lasley a few weeks ago.  Tom, along with Mike Nealy of Thunder Media, presented a plan to G.I. Joe’s for a ticket outlet system in late 1978.  G.I. Joe’s went for the idea and picked me to manage the Box Office, working with Tom, who took care of the ticket-side of the business.

We had Box Offices in the five Portland area stores and the system made tickets easily accessible to folks in those days before computerized tickets.

It was great working with Tom Lasley.  He was a fine human being and I know will be missed by many.

Link to Oregonian article of March 1, 2014.

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1 Response to Tom Lasley, Partner in G.I. Joe’s Box Office, Dies

  1. wendy macdonald says:

    OMG…many memories of U of O
    with classmates including David
    and roomates dating at CarsonHall.
    Then shopping for myself and family
    at McLoughlin GIJ. Bought my last pairs
    of running gear at close out. As life comes full
    circle I am happy to see all is well and David looking healthy
    and happy. Looking forward
    to the book. Bless you all

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