One Step Closer to Publishing

I am so pleased that my brother has read my “final” manuscript and returned it to me with some suggestions this week.  At first, I was dismayed to learn that he had some  modifications in mind, but after going over his suggestions, I find that Corky has either clarified items, or given a more colorful picture of incidents.

We all have somewhat different memories of the same past events, and I was thrilled when Corky remembered something I had forgotten… our favorite brother at Bernstein Brothers, the cigarette supplier for G.I. Joe’s.  According to Corky, his name was Jules and he gave us candy bars when we went along with Dad to pick up boxes of cigs for the store.  I guess I was more focused on the candy, because that is the part I remembered!

Looking ahead, it will take me a day or two to include my brother’s suggestions in the manuscript, and then it is on to photo management and working with Susan Wells, the “Growing Up…” book designer.

I am getting closer to actually having a book in hand…

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1 Response to One Step Closer to Publishing

  1. Linda Stern says:

    Keep going, Janna. Can’t wait for it to come out. Hello to Corky.

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