“Growing Up…” 31 Chapters are Finished!

Dad, Corky and me at Russet Street House, North Portland in 1947.

Dad, Corky and me at Russet Street House, North Portland in 1947.

Whew!  All 31 chapters are completed.  Now, I am working with Susan Wells, the book designer to coordinate placing the photos in to book and I think that should wrap up in a few days.

Then, Susan will finish the formatting so that I  solicit  printing bids and finally get the manuscript turned into a book!  It would be great to have the bids already, but I can’t get them until I know how many pagers there are going to be, and I don’t know that yet till the formatting is done.

It could make me nostalgic for the old days when a publisher bought the book from an author and handled the printing, publicity, and distribution, but it doesn’t.  I can get the book out now, and in the old days, I am none too sure that a publisher would have picked it up.  I can just imagine a conversation about my story with a prospective publisher’s rep…

“You say the book is about a sports and auto store that started out as a war surplus store in the 50s?”  “Who cares about war surplus stores?”  “And, what is a sports and auto store, any way?”  “And, all this happened in the Pacific Northwest?”  “Don’t you know you need to have a larger base of interested readers?”

“Oh, it would be interesting to sports and outdoor enthusiasts, everywhere?”  “Do they read?”

If my imaginary conversation with a publisher’s rep is at all realistic, can you see why I am so much better off publishing and promoting Growing Up With G.I. Joe’s myself?

At least, that is my story and I am sticking to it, since no publishers are knocking at my door!

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