Books for Advance Reviews Being Printed Now


Whoopie!  Growing Up With G.I. Joe’s is getting one step closer to publication!

Gorham Printing in Centralia, Washington, is digitally printing the short run of books to be sent out for advance reviews.  This is how authors get the blurbs in the front of their books or on the back cover that say something like, “A Page-turner,” or “A must read!”

I am so happy with the diverse and knowledgeable folks who have agreed to write advance reviews for Growing Up… and am finding it hard to wait for their feedback.

The photo is of the back cover of the proof for this printing.  It looks just like the advance uncorrected book, except that the pages are loose instead of bound.

I am aiming for a publication date of August 2015, when books would be in stores and for sale online, so now the next step is to put together a marketing plan and link up with a distributor.

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1 Response to Books for Advance Reviews Being Printed Now

  1. Ekbal Quidwai says:

    Congrats; should be a good read!!

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