Grateful to my Volunteer Copy Editors!

Dad's Army Air Forces hat that he wore as a World War II bomber pilot.

Dad’s Army Air Forces hat that he wore as a World War II bomber pilot.

I am blessed to have three friends willing to copy edit Growing Up With G.I. Joe’s in its first print version of advance uncorrected  copies like were sent out to reviewers.

Kathy McCuddy Johnson, Fred Rau, and Linda MacPike Stern have been going through their copies of the book looking for typos, incorrect grammar, and even awkward phrasing.  I was so hoping that they would email me when finished and tell me that they couldn’t find a mistake or a phrase that did not flow.

However, that is not happening.  I just received Kathy’s corrections today in the mail and she found quite a few errors, like of words left out of sentences. Kathy very graciously wrote that I was probably thinking of content when I read the pages and not looking for errors.

I am so grateful to be made aware of needed corrections now!

Thank you, Kathy, for being an outstanding copy editor, as I know Fred and Linda will be as well.  And, with my three friends scrutinizing the advance copies, I can then publish Growing Up… with certainty that the text has been really looked over.

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