Answering the question: When Will the Book Be Available?

Never fear, Growing Up With G.I. Joe’s will be for sale in stores and on the internet  and ready to read in seven months, or maybe sooner!

Yes, seven months sounds like a long way off, but I am learning this is the accepted timing in the book business.  It would be ideal for a book wholesaler to carry my book in order to make it easier for bookstores to carry it.  The wholesaler requires a six month lead time for a book they sell plus an application time of a month or 5 weeks.  They also require that a publisher submit an advance copy (uncorrected proof) of the book for them to see, along with a copy of the marketing plan for the book.

I have set aside this weekend to finish up my marketing plan and at least start filling out my application to the wholesaler.  I am revved and ready to go!

Realizing that I want to market Growing Up… in a way that promotes maximum sales outlets, I am therefore leaning toward following the accepted way of doing business in the book world.  Am I impatient?  You bet, and still considering if there is another way to  get the book  out to readers sooner.

Edited:  July 12, 2015

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