Gratitude to the Six Talented and Generous Folks Who Reviewed “Growing Up…” in Advance

Beaverton Store, photo from "Vaughn Street Journal" article, 1980

Beaverton Store, photo from “Vaughn Street Journal” article, 1980

When I started writing my book, I had no idea what an advance review was, but I sure do now.  An advance review is the short write-up of praise or criticism that appears in the inside front of a book or on its back cover.  In other works, it is a blurb.

I also found out how an author gets a blurb, and it is by asking someone whose opinion they value to take the time to read their book in advance and then write a few sentences or a paragraph about it.  Do you think that is an easy thing to do?  All I can say is that I did not find it easy!   That is why I feel blessed that 6 individuals with a wide range of backgrounds said, “Yes,” to my request.

They are, in random order:  Carl Abbott of Portland State University and author of Portland in Three Centuries; business owner and member of CCA PNW, Jack Mattice; Mark Williams, President of Worldwide Distributors in Kent Washington; Tom Quigg, business owner in Grays Harbor, Washington, and creator of The Harbor – a Culture of Success; Fred Leeson, author of My-Te-Fine Merchant, Fred Meyer’s Retail Revolution; and Ron Menconi, Sr. V.P. of G.I. Joe’s and Joe’s Sports, Outdoor and More, 1999-2009, and former chairman of the National Sporting Goods Association, 2003-2004.

Thanks to them all!


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