The Mystery Store Identified as Hayden Meadows/Delta Park!

Thanks to John, Mike Fitzhugh, Ed Darnell, and Carl Leach for identifying the location of the mystery store as Hayden Meadows in Delta Park in North Portland.  The clincher was decipering the Sleep Train store sign located to the left of G.I. Joe’s, which you can see here from an enlargement of part of the store photo.  Also note the boats for sale in front of Joe’s.  What a great place for boat sales so close to the Columbia!

As John says in his comment to, the store was on N. Hayden Meadows Drive and it is now the location of Dick’s.  John says that Fisherman’s Marine is now located in the former Sleep Train store.  Hmm…obviously it takes two other stores to even begin to match one G.I. Joe’s store!

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