“I’ll Take a Mocha Latte and a Bag of Worms!”

Where could you place that order today?  I don’t know!  But in the old days, maybe you could get that order filled at the walk-up Espresso window at the Hayden Meadows store in North Portland!

Hayden Meadows store featured a Java Joe’s coffee bar in the front of the store that also had an order window to the outside.  That was a great place to get a cup of joe but also to buy bait during various fishing seasons!

Thanks to the Facebook page, Joe’s Sports and Outdoor Alumni, for the photos and information.  If you thought to worry about a food inspector dealing with bait sales, I am told that it was either frozen or in jars and packs.  What a relief!  I really would not want a worm in my mocha latte!

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