G.I. Joe’s not only Store with Fishing Bait Window!

Bob’s Sporting Goods in Longview, Washington, has one, too!  Or a least, in October 2013,  Bob’s had a directional sign pointing to the early morning bait window in their parking lot when I took this photo.

But too bad, I don’t think you could order an expresso grande dulce gusto at the same time!  Bob’s has or had a bait window, but no Java Joe’s like G.I. Joe’s Hayden Island store.

More complete photo of store in background which is the housewares, giftware and toys store, next to the main, 2-story sporting goods store.

Mural on a side exterior wall of Bob’s Sporting Goods main store.  It depicts Bob’s War Surplus store, open at the time that Dad was starting G.I. Joe’s in North Portland, and selling war surplus merchandise, too.

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