Praise for Book

Praise for Growing Up With G.I. Joe’s

“Janna, I am so glad that you told the G.I. Joe’s story. You got it right!”  David Orkney, G.I. Joe’s CEO, 1976 – 1992, Chairman of the Board, 1976 – 1998

“In the early decades after World War II, companies like G.I. Joe’s, Fred Meyer and Tom Peterson pioneered innovative retailing strategies in the Pacific Northwest. This personal account is a worthy addition to the history of that creative era before the arrival of the major chains.”  Fred Leeson, Author of My-Te-Fine Merchant, Fred Meyer’s Retail Revolution

“Ed Orkney was raised during the Great Depression in the timber community of Hoquiam, Washington. The ingenuity and self confidence he gained at an early age turned G.I. Joe’s into one of the largest retailers in the Pacific Northwest.   An inspiring story!”  Tom Quigg, business owner and creator of The Harbor – A Culture of Success,, listing notable past and present residents of Grays Harbor County, Washington

 The story of this family business is also the story of Portland, intertwined with the Vanport Flood, suburbanization, and the transformation of a provincial city into a metropolis.”  Carl Abbott, Portland State University, Author of Portland in Three Centuries

“A great look at the founder of G.I. Joe’s, Ed Orkney, his family, and the early days of the store. The book continues the G.I. Joe’s story after Ed Orkney’s passing to the end of the business in 2009.”  Ron Menconi, G.I. Joe’s and Joe’s Sports, Outdoor and More, Sr. Vice President, 1999-2009; National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), Chairman, 2003-2004

“In the early 1950s, while shopping for cartons of Pall Mall cigarettes for Mom, Dad discovered a treasure in North Portland – G.I. Joe’s! Thereafter he took us there every Saturday morning, originally to the old tent structure, then later to the wooden store with the parking lot surrounded by empty bombs.  It was a kid’s dream.  For the next 60 years, I spent way too much of my time (and money) at G.I. Joe’s.  I always felt at home there.  Thank you Ed Orkney for being such a big part of my life!”  Jack Mattice, Hospital Consultant, Member, Coastal Conservation Association Pacific Northwest (CCA PNW)(Recently changed to CCA Oregon and CCA Washington)

We listened and followed our northwest communities.”  Ed Ariniello, G.I. Joe’s, and Joe’s Sports, Outdoor and More, Vice President, Operations, 1998-2009

“This book is a tribute not only to the Ed Orkney family and G.I. Joe’s but to all other free-wheeling entrepreneurs who pioneered retail in the Pacific Northwest. We are proud to be part of their history.”  Mark Williams, Worldwide Distributors, President